What We Do

Our Core Values


The right approach through innovation ensures that eminent services are available to all sick & premature newborns without any discrimination.


Joining forces for the sick & premature newborns of the world to promote constructive relations between government, corporate, and civil society through dynamic partnerships to foster greater coherence, awareness and understanding of our work.

Data Analytics

Guarantee the wide-scale success of any programme, by researching, collecting and analyzing data.


Increase reach seeking to reach more parents & sick & new born children – including those we aren’t currently supporting – in order to make a difference for more children.

Our Share of Smiles

Baby who had complications due to previous abortions

Baby was born to a mother by surgery, who had 2 previous abortions and 1 baby had died. This baby developed fits(seizures) on the 1st day itself. Baby needed multiple investigations and long treatment in the NICU. Parents were farmers from a small far off village. Extramile supported them financially.

Baby who needed prolong hospital care

Baby was born 1720 grams and needed prolonged hospital care. Father was an electrician with meagre wages and couldn’t afford treatment, Extramile helped them financially

Twin babies cured from high Jaundice

Thanks to Rainbow Hospitals I have twin babies born in Mahaboobnagar Hospital. The babies got had high Jaundice soreered to Rainbow hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Vijayanand sir, Dr. Sravya, Dr. Nilesh they have treated our babies and given lot of care. We are really very happy that our babies got complete recovery. Thanks to Dr. Venkataramana sir SVS Medical college because of him we came to Rainbow. Sta helped us a lot. Mrs Kavitha and Laxman sir helped us with extra support. Thanks to Dr Natasha Bagga madam for supportingus nancially by funding for our treatment. Thank you Mrs Priyanka for guiding my wife NICU.

Baby with respiratory distress

Baby was born at (36-37 weeks )with low birth weight (2.1).Baby was born with respiratory distress, and was very sick needing high neonatal care at Paramitha Hospital. Father is an computer operator salary 15000/-per month. This baby needed hospital stay for another 2 weeks after initial treatment, where Extra Mile supported the family.

Sick baby of 32 weeks and birth weight of 1.2 kgs

Baby of Boini Vani whose father is a tractor driver. Was very sick so came to Rainbow. By no means he could arrange the finances. Extra Mile shared the financial stress during the course of prematurity.

First set of Extra Mile twins from Vizag

Happy to share our first set of twins discharged from Rainbows Children Hospital, Vizag. They were one of the most needy parents for financial support to
take their smiles home.

Our SNCUs Visits

Nalgonda-SNCU-visits by extra mile foundation
Nalgonda SNCU

Extra Mile foundation helped nalgonda SNCU with electrical breast pumps and sterilizers to ensure supply of mother’s milk to all the premature babies in NICU.

Warangal-SNCU visitWarangal-SNCU visit
Warangal SNCU

Visit to Warangal SNCU was a very satisfying experience. Extra Mile will be associated and support the much needed population of new-borns and premature babies.

Siddipet SNCU

Very satisfying experience for team Extra Mile in visiting Siddipet SNCU & associating with good work done in district SNCU'S

How We Work

Collaboration Of Hospitals

We will collaborate with all the hospitals and newborn specialists across Hyderabad City, who are providing tertiary care to save such critical babies.

Financial Support

We will also be approachable by parents directly who are receiving care at various hospitals and need financial support for the treatment. Once the hospital confirms the need of treatment, our team will assess financial status of the parents and help will be extended in all best possible ways.

Support Remote Small NewBorn Care Unit (SNCUs)

We will also connect to the smaller peripheral units and small newborn care units, where if newborn needs tertiary care will be extended help in transporting them to the higher centers in the city.

Our Partners

Our MOUs

We thank these hospitals who helped these babies not only with the treatment at par excellence but also financially by getting attached to Extra Mile foundation.

Rainbow Children’s Hospital

Soumya Children’s Hospital

Paramitha Hospital

Andhra Mahila Sabha

Butterfly Hospital

Durreshwar Hospital


CME Trainings by extra mile foundation
CME Trainings

We Supported 10 nurses from Nalgonda SNCU & Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital through Extra Mile to attend this workshop. All of them were very happy and thankful!

Breast Pumps distribution

Extra Mile is supporting in Breastfeeding practice across all the SNCUs, mainly in feeding the sick babies with Expressed Breastmilk. We have been providung adequate number of Breast Pumps to use in sncu , Kangaroo mother care unit and Postnatal ward.

Universal Thyroid screening training by extra mile foundation
Universal Thyroid screening

Extra Mile foundation has launched Universal thyroid screening for 9000-10000 newborns per year born in government hospitals in each SNCU.

We Work Together

Collaborating with others also allows us to learn from each other, share ideas, and build strong relationships based on a shared passion for making a difference. When we work together, we can truly make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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